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About Me and My Hot Yoga Love Story

Connie Yoga TreeWelcome to my site “All About Hot Yoga”. My name is Connie, I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

← Here I am with a tree sprouting out of my head.

Hot yoga has become such an important part of my everyday existence since I started practicing it that I thought it would be appropriate to start a website devoted to providing all the information I have gathered in during my years of practice.

It has taken the number one spot amongst my other favourite fitness endeavours which include hiking in the beautiful forests I’m lucky enough to live near, playing tennis (very badly) and lately, trying to learn how to dance salsa without giving my dance partner a concussion.

I am a believer in hot yoga

Since adding yoga to my fitness activities 8 years ago, it has gradually taken over my life. I started with a couple of classes a week which soon became more. Almost from the start I loved the hot classes the most (they cranked the room to about 95°). Oh yeah, I’m a sweater, head sweater to be exact. My first hot yoga classes were a revelation to me. How could such a low impact activity taking place on a 6′ x 2′ mat get my heart rate up and produce such a feeling of intensity? Who knew?

But the best part is how you feel AFTER the class.

After my first hot yoga classes I felt like a million bucks. I felt cleansed, energetic, and my skin glowed (after I wiped the sweat away, that is). Considering that at the time I was working at a high stress job all day, it was amazing that 1 hour of yoga was enough to wipe out the stress of the whole day and “reset” me both mentally and physically. It was either an hour of yoga or a bottle of vodka. Seriously.

I kid you not, yoga saved me

You can’t have a martini and do yoga, you’ll spill it. Flash a couple of years forward, the company I worked was suffering a mass downturn, and I decided to get out before my paycheck started to bounce. I take a well-earned hiatus from full time employment and embark on a fitness journey for the next year. Over the years I had been studying all things fitness through BCRPA (British Columbia Parks and Recreation Association) and ACE (American Council of Exercise). During this year, I also took the opportunity to train and certify for the Yoga Alliance 200 hour Yoga Teaching designation. I started teaching Hatha yoga before the ink was dry on the paper.

Teach, eat, sleep, teach, repeat

That was me for about a year. I taught step aerobics, boot camp, cardio box, pilates mat, and hatha yoga. The yoga classes have always been my favourite. I loved sharing and guiding others to a safe, invigorating, yet grounding practice. That was also the same year I started to practice hot yoga only.

Hot yoga in July for 30 scorching days

I won’t lie or sugar coat. It was pretty torturous some days. You can read more about the specifics of Bikram Yoga in my review, but going from the only hot classes I’d known which were 95° at the hottest, and 60 minutes at the longest, to 30 days of 90 minute classes in a much hotter room with added humidity was intense, to say the least. But, the positive effects, for me were immediate. After each class, I showered, dressed, rehydrated, and walked out feeling 10 years younger. This happened every day for me. Also, the bonus was the weight loss. It just happened. I didn’t change my eating habits at all those first 30 days and I lost approximately 10 lbs. I don’t own a scale but my pants were literally slid off me. After the Bikram experience it was a little hard to go back to the not very hot “hot” classes at the my previous studio.

After those 30 days in July… I was hooked

…and I remain to this day a devoted hot yoga practitioner.

I still teach regular, non-heated, Hatha yoga which has tremendous benefits on many levels, but my personal practice has been hot yoga for the last 5 years and until my body tells me it needs something different, I will remain a devoted hot yoga fan. Not to exaggerate, but I often refer to hot yoga as my “fountain of youth”. Most recently I have been practicing Moksha Yoga usually 5 times a week but still go back to Bikram a couple of times a month.

If the blogger gods stamped “practice what you preach” 

on anybody’s forehead, it would be mine!

Good luck on your hot yoga journey and I hope you find the information you’re looking for here. Start by learning about the types of hot yoga← click here.

Not into Hot?

Hey, if everyone were the same just imagine how devastatingly boring that would be. Seeing as I practice hot but I teach only non-heated classes gives me kind of a Humpty Dumpty complex. Check out the NOT HOT YOGA page, I’ve written that page just for you non-hot fans.



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  1. So I was wondering which kind of class to go to. In the end I tried both . Your explanations about what to expect were right on. I did sweat like a crazy man and ended up going to moshka. thx

    1. Good for you Crawford. I hope hot yoga turns out to me a positive addition to your life. Keep me posted on how it goes at Moksha. Cheers, Connie

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