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Let me guess, you tried a hot yoga class and thought it was – meh? Or, you didn’t sweat much but did feel pretty uncomfortable. Maybe the people sweating all around you wasn’t in the least bit appealing to you. Perhaps you were looking for something a little more low key, maybe a practice on the restorative side. So, for now hot yoga is definitely not your thang, not even a little bit.

Yup, I get that. I really do.

For some people the mere thought of being in an enclosed room with 40, 50, sometimes more sweaty strangers might evoke a gag reflex. There are still some Bikram rooms that have people practicing on carpeted floors. Yes, you read that right. I practiced my first 30 days in such a room, and I live to tell the tale. To be honest the key is that if you think you’re going to have a problem with hot yoga, then you probably will. In any case, if you’re on this page it’s because you’ve either been there, done that, filed it under “D” (for done). Or, maybe you are just not interested in hot yoga, period.

Maybe something like this ↓ looks more appealing?

Yoga in the forest
Yoga in the forest

Well, that opens up a whole new can of worms… I’m not letting you out of here until you say UNCLE. You see, I’m a Hatha yoga teacher and the reason why I remain loyal to teaching Hatha is because I remember when I knew absolutely nothing about yoga and stepped into my very first class without a clue that a down dog was something that didn’t include a bun and relish. What an exciting time that was. I was a blank slate and I absorbed everything, like a sheet of Bounty, I was the quicker picker upper. But, in a way I was very lucky because I lived right next door to a newly opened yoga studio that was so close it was almost an extension of my living room. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a place to practice right next door, that much I realize. With that in mind I’m going to outline some options for people who want to make yoga part of their lives, because that is the end game.

I say yoga is the fountain of youth

Fountain of youth statue
Fountain of youth statue

Seriously, it’s not Botox, it’s not Ginseng, it’s not drinking snake’s blood, it’s yoga. Make it part of your life now and it will stay with you forever. You can’t run triathlons forever, you can’t downhill ski forever, you can’t climb mountains forever. But you can do yoga forever. I will also add that it’s very likely I won’t be able to practice hot yoga forever, but yoga, definitely. There are different ways you can start yoga today. Practice at home or get together for a practice with familly/friends, or find a community centre / private yoga studio.

The one thing you will need is some kind of instruction. No, don’t roll your eyes, you really do need guidance. Yoga looks easy and passive but in fact, if the postures are done correctly they are challenging and highly beneficial. If done incorrectly they can be at best ineffective and at worst, unsafe. There is ongoing debate about how many yoga injuries occur out of an estimated 20 million people who practice yoga but injuries do happen, and most (if not all) can be avoided by paying mindful attention to qualified, well planned instruction.

Why practice at home?

Can you afford $120 to $150 per month every month just to practice yoga? That’s typically what a private studio charges for a membership. If you can afford that, then go the bottom of the page for some pointers on searching for a yoga studio.

If you can’t invest that amount of money or if you have little ones or others reasons that make it difficult to leave home, then you can start your practice at home WITH quality instruction for between one tenth of the cost of studio membership, or purchase by the class and many programs offer free trials. Browse the impressive class selections at Live Yoga Life taught by top instructors, you can share these classes with friends and neighbours if there’s enough space in your living room! Long established online yoga resource Yoga Download offers easy to follow beginners, pre-natal, and Kundalini programs to name just a few. If you’ve had injuries or looking for a restorative practice, have a look at Yoga For Healing, they offer 7 guided lessons plus an ebook for under $22.00, amazing deal for this content. Other programs offer a broader range of exercise options that include yoga, such as the Healthy Moving program. I’m doing more research and updating my information regularly, so please come back soon.

Got munchkins? Do them a big solid and start them out with yoga right now. Go check in with the experts at Mini Me Yoga. Have fun!

Finally, if you are looking to practice yoga (not hot) to lose weight you may want to have a look at Brilliant Yoga. Be forewarned, this is a longish video (about 20 minutes) so don’t click if the baby’s crying or the dog needs walking. Come back when you have more time. The video is a little repetitive but the program is solid and well laid out.

Need to get out for some “me” time?

For most people living in any poppulated area finding place to practice yoga shouldn’t be difficult. Local community centres usually have some kind of class offering, although most yoga classes are pre-registered at additional cost.

Yoga Studio
Yoga Studio

Finding a private studio to practice in is a very individual choice but there are a couple of things you should check before signing any kind of membership contract on the dotted line. In the US and Canada, ask if the instructors are Yoga Alliance Certified (or certified by the local Parks and Recreation commission). Internationally there may be other affiliations but instructors with a 200 hour yoga teaching certificate are preferable. Look around to see if the facilities are clean and decently maintained. Most studios offer an drastically discounted trial membership to new members only. Be aware that you will likely be asked to sign a waiver disclaiming the studio from liability if you hurt yourself while participating in one of their classes. Other than that check any specific studio etiquette (usually posted somewhere) and finally check the schedule to make sure class times are convenient for you to attend on a regular basis. If you have several options, check them all out before committing to a membership if you can.

See, clicking on NOT HOT YOGA, isn’t a deal breaker

As long as you’re practicing any form of yoga you can enjoy the health and spiritual benefits, hopefully for the long term.

Comments are welcome, please leave yours in the box below. Regards, Connie.

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