First, thank you for visiting, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about hot yoga. This site will always be a work in progress, so please come back for more posts. Without going into the nitty gritty I want to tell you basically how I published this site…

I have been interested in online publishing for awhile but when I signed onto different web programs to build a site, it was more complicated than I had anticipated and after a few frustrating attempts to learn the “techie” end of things, I would inevitably give up. 

Then I found a community of online professionals and entrepreneurs that provided the platform and training I needed to get started without hassle. I had my first 2 websites up and running within 7 days (for free).

I learned the basics about building a website, uploading posts, finding photos, adding links and bringing in revenue to my website in just seven days, and that was just the beginning.

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There I’ll show you exactly what I did and how I signed up to start my very first website.


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