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Mat, Mat towel, Mat spray 

Manduka Pro, ^ click me ^

Once you know you’re hooked on hot yoga, you’ll want to invest in a decent mat, a mat towel, and mat spray. The mat I use almost every day is the Manduka Pro. It’s the only mat you’ll ever need for your hot yoga practice. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s big enough to claim a good piece of real estate in some of the more crowded classes, it stays put, no slipping ever ever ever. No rubbery smell, I hate to be a princess but I really do not like to think about tires while I’m in yoga class. Best of all it’s closed cell so even if you use it daily (I use mine 5 times a week) as long as you spray and wipe it, the mat never gets funky. They come in pleasing colours, I bought a blue one for my son and he loves it as much as a twenty year old guy can love anything inanimate. I have something like 10 mats in my repertoire and the other 9 have been gathering dust for over a year now. I wish I had invested in the Manduka Pro right from the get go. If you’re a taller drink of water you might want to go with the 85″ version. One day I’ll put together a review of all the other mats that are now sitting in my closet but I’ll cut to the chase and tell you this is the one to buy since I’ve already spent enough on other mats for both of us.

Gosweat Towel ^ click me ^

Next you’ll need a mat towel. At first I just used big beach towels but they were so bulky and heavy to carry around when wet. Also, made too much extra laundry for me. My yoga mat towels are light but ultra absorbant for their weight. I have a half dozen different kinds, a couple from Lululemon (my least favourite, slippery!), a couple of no names (falling apart after a dozen washes) and my favourites, the ones I am always rummaging through my basket to find are my Gosweat yoga towels. They don’t slip around on top of my mat and I don’t slip around on top of them. Could you do hot yoga without a mat towel? Some people might be able to but I, for one, sweat too much and I don’t relish playing slip n slide in my own sweat, thank you very much!

      ^ Click me ^

When it comes to yoga mat sprays I play the field. Depends on the season, depends on my mood. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t like to spend too much on mat sprays, this one’s on sale, while it lasts.. I just bought 2, but I only go through a bottle every 2-3 months. I’ve tried using just vinegar and water which works but I could smell it when I went down to child’s pose and it didn’t agree with me. My favourites in the past have been mint, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus, but there are lots of other aromas, one for every taste. Find your own favourite but make sure it’s all natural, preferably organic because you are gonna get very close to your mat in that heat, and you shouldn’t spray anything on your mat that makes you sneeze or otherwise takes your focus away from your yoga practice. And believe me if your mat gets funky on you, you will notice and you will wonder if other people can smell it too. Been there, done that, the spray is a must have.


Women’s Hot Yoga Wear 

There are so many choices when it comes to stylish hot yoga clothing for women that it’s difficult to make too many specific recommendations. Many years ago to/be a devoted Lululemon fan and still have many items with the lulu stamp in my basket (full basket) of hot yoga wear. But over time that brand has lost it’s lustre for me. The last time I went into one of their stores and the sales person tried to “educate” me, well I found that a little annoying. But, the good news is that there’s plenty of healthy competition in the yoga clothing market these days. I am providing links to my two favourite online retailers here. Barefoot Yoga has been in business for well over 10 years, is a reputable long established yoga specialty store and Yoga Clothing for You has attractive comfortable and reasonably priced selection of yoga, and “apres” yoga wear for both men and women. You’ll also find a selection of other yoga accessories on both these sites.


http://Men’s Hot Yoga Wear

      ^ Click me ^
^ Click me ^
^ Click me ^

Men have it so much easier, topless is the norm in hot yoga. Really a basic pair of men’s yoga shorts and that’s all she wrote. You’ll need a light tank top to come and go in and maybe even a hoodie. I’ve got the whole outfit set up for you right here. Sorry about the black-grey ensemble but I’m going with New York colours this season. Shortly I’ll have a link to an online shop that has a snappy selection of reasonably priced men’s yoga wear for all you male clothes-horses out there. Barefoot Yoga and Yoga Clothing for You also have an array of men’s yoga clothing.


Yoga Accessories

^ click ^ $21.99
^ click ^ Mat Tote $23.97


http://The only additional yoga accessories that are essential for me are a water bottle and a mat/tote bag. But to each his own, I see fellow yogis using yoga socks, yoga gloves, eye pillows, their own straps and blocks. Head bands are a popular addition and I tried wearing them too but they don’t stay on my head. Maybe you’ll have better luck because a lot of people (men and women) do use them to keep the sweat from running into their eyes. A tip about water bottles, I would go with insulated steel as opposed to glass. This month alone I’ve seen 3 glass bottles break in the change room and surprisingly one of them had a thick protective plastic apron around it, but still broke. 

Yoga is not very stuff-centric

When I think about the cost of just my cross trainers I needed for teaching step aerobics and cardio box, I cringe. And don’t even get me started on windsurfing gear, paddle boards and the like. Considering I use my yoga stuff 5 times a week, the investment I’ve made for my yoga “equipment” is very minimal. That’s all she wrote, I’m outta here.

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