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Yoga_And_MeditationThis page is dedicated to the many thousands of souls out there who are either actively sharing their guidance skills as teachers of yoga or are feeling the calling to do so maybe one day very soon. If you’re already a teacher, thank you. If you’re thinking about becoming a teacher, don’t think, just do. The training cannot do anything but help you. It is an investment in your very core of being. I cannot say enough about the experience of a good a yoga teacher training. In fact, I’m due for a refresher myself and am looking forward eagerly to that with relish.

Is this page specific to teachers of hot yoga?

I maintain that the only difference between teaching hot yoga and traditional styles of non-heated yoga are some additional safety concerns hot yoga teachers need awareness of when practicing in a hot room. So, the teacher’s corner pages are applicable to all teacher, however everything on this page is dually applicable to teaching hot yoga. More about that later.

Who the heck am I to make recommendations to yoga teachers?

First and foremost, I am an avid practitioner and most of my viewpoints are from the standpoint of an experienced participant, struggling daily to make peace with myself on the mat, improve my body, and calm my spirit. I’ve tried to count the number of yoga teachers I’ve had the privilege to be lead by in my years of practice and I lose count at around 100.

My Yoga Class
My Yoga Class

Secondarily, I am trained yoga and fitness leader. My certifications include: American Council of Exercise (ACE) Group Fitness Instructor, British Columbia Parks and Recreation Association (BCRPA) Instructor in Group Fitness, Yoga Fitness, Pilates Fitness, Weight Training, and Yoga Alliance 200 hour RYT certificate. I have a full time non-fitness related job and teach classes regularly at my local community centre. All that means is that I know a little about my subject matter.

Finally, I come from a place of good intentions. I wish for all the yoga teachers reading my blog, whether you’re 20 years in the biz, or just dreaming about taking your first training to read my blog with an open mind. Best case scenario you get what you want out of it, worst case scenario you’re onto another website. If you have comments, I would love to hear each and every one of them. I am a teacher, a yogi, a writer, but most of all I am a learner. The day I stop learning is the day I stop living.

For yoga teachers and soon to be yoga teachers

New Yoga Teacher Grads
New Yoga Teacher Grads

Please click on any of the following posts that interest you, but if you only have time to read one today, please make it this one FIND YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE next there is YOGA TEACHER SAFETY CUES and the dreaded YOGA TEACHER ETHICS – BEST PRACTICES then finally YOGA TEACHER TRAINING←.



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2 thoughts on “Teacher’s Corner

  1. I asked Connie to help me recover from some physical problems brought on by an inflammatory illness.Even though I had a clean bill of health from my doctors I still had a lot of pain and stiffness after workouts and after a lifetime of being flexible and strong I was faced with starting over.Connie started with very basic exercises but they were fairly demanding physically.No lazy yoga.With attention to breathing and proper form I know I will continue to improve.Felt great the next day,no pain in hips or shoulders.I had done a fairly hard interval workout before the yoga class and was expecting to be stiff and sore as usual.The yoga practice is going to help me recover my physical self.Much appreciated Connie. Rudy S.

    1. Rudy, it’s a privilege to work with you. I listen and learn from everyone I am lucky enough to work with. Each person enriches my teaching and discovery of what each movement might feel like in each particular person’s body. I look forward to helping you recuperate fully and why stop there? With an alignment of body-mind-spirit, anchored by your breath, you can start your reverse aging journey and end as a “happy baby” :-) Namaste, Connie.

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