The Basics about Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour yoga teacher training – description

Depending on where you are located in the world yoga teacher training is variable in content, requirements, quality, cost, and certification requirements. Sticking to the route I am familiar with I will offer some information about the 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teaching certificate endorsed by Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is an American based non-profit organization founded by Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati that sets standards of yoga teaching and promotes yoga to the world. The Yoga Alliance certification is commonly accepted in many studios around the world as a basic core program for a student to have in order to deliver a safe and correctly sequenced class. Program inclusions and syllabus vary widely but generally you will get a pre-set breakdown of hours to learn anatomy, asanas, vinyasa, pranayama and yogic philosophy.  Two of my yoga teacher training textbooks are shown here. My copies are dog earred and sticky noted to death. I recommend both of these text books http://highly whether or not they are the texts of choice in your teacher program, they are worth having in your teacher library. Also included in a well rounded program you should also have asana sequencing and teaching practice. Some programs separate out practice teaching hours on as additional hours after the 200 hour program. How many practice teaching hours is needed before you fly solo depends highly on the individual.

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How the program is scheduled

In most metropolitan areas the demand for yoga teacher training has increased and therefore the options for how you can complete the basic programs have increased as well. You can do an “intensive” which can take less than 4 weeks in which you basically live, breath, and eat yoga. Intensive training programs are popular as a destination training offered in your choice of tropical, city, or country locations. Many teachers do their training in an exotic location which turns into a memory making event of a lifetime. Still other teachers return to these destination intensive trainings again and again to refresh every few years. See below for some links to destination teacher trainings. The other alternative are weekend or evening courses (or a combination of both) which can take anywhere from 5 months to a year to complete. You will obviously know what kind of timetable suits you and what the best learning scenario will be for you.

Cost of a basic 200 hour teacher training program

Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Teacher Training

For a traditional Hatha 200 hour program certified by Yoga Alliance you will pay between $3000-$4000 US dollars (on average), depending on the institution or studio offering it. You could pay considerable less for the training if you’re willing to travel to economical locations such as India or some locations in Asia, but then you would need to add travel and accommodation. Do your research and ensure the program is reputable and gives you the certification you need and try to contact previous graduates of the program if at all possible. If the program is delivered by a well known master instructor you may be charged a lot more for the privilege of studying under a renowned yogi. This initial investment is just that, i.e. initial means just the beginning. Every yoga teacher I know has gone on to take additional training after the 200 hour program. Some continue on to the 500 hour Yoga Alliance certificate while others will take specialty trainings such as Anusara, Iyengar, Kundalini, Restorative, just to name a few. Not to scare off potential yoga teachers but the likelihood you might spend more becoming a yoga teacher than you will make teaching classes is pretty high. Still, I did it, am still doing it, and have never regretted taking my yoga teacher training.

Yoga Alliance is not the only game in town when it comes to certificates. Check with your local city parks and recreation board or even the local YMCA. In my province we have the British Columbia Parks and Recreation Association the certifies qualified Group Fitness Instructors with a “Yoga Fitness” program that is strictly a posture training series of workshops for under $500.00. With a “Yoga Fitness” certificate here in B.C. we can teach yoga classes at any community centre under BCRPA management. If you are only interested in teaching at the community level, this could be a far more affordable route to start teaching yoga.

How much does a yoga teacher earn?

I am not going to sugar coat it. You aren’t going to get rich anytime soon teaching yoga. As a beginning instructor you will likely start out subbing classes. The average studio pays $30-$35 for a one hour class. If you have a specialty such as pre-natal or kids yoga you may get $10 or $15 more. After you have some experience, if you teach registered classes (i.e. people need to sign up especially to attend your class) you could see a big jump in your earnings your class is well attended. If you have an entrepreneurial side, they sky’s the limit. Let me say this, I teach yoga because I love doing it. I want to share it with others and what’s more I believe yoga should be available to everyone at the community level. I am not a fan of the hoity toity exclusive yoga studio for the rich and richer. I believe yoga is and should be a grass roots activity enjoyed and practiced by all who want or need it, even if they don’t have $150.00 per month to spare for a membership. Still, as with anything else, it is what you make it. And there are the lucky few who make a name for themselves and definitely do make a great living, so go ahead take it and run, que sera sera.

Cheapest yoga teacher training available 

http://Online yoga teacher certification courseIf you want to learn about yoga teacher training in the privacy of your own home an online yoga teacher training program is an excellent choice. There weren’t many of these programs available when I did my teacher training or I definitely would have done this first before plonking down my three thousand buckeroos. Also, there’s nothing to stop you from sharing this with a friend or getting together with a small group at someone’s place to check it out together. It’s also a fraction of the cost and done on your own timetable.

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Hot yoga teacher training

The most well known program for teaching hot yoga is the Bikram yoga teacher training. It is outrageously expensive in comparison to almost any other yoga teacher program available today. The price is $16,000. US dollars for the 2016 session. It is renowned in the yoga community for their cult like reputation. It is nine weeks long and there is no information regarding how many hours are devoted to the each of the categories of study. The strangest thing I gathered from reading the description of the teacher training on their website is that no one is allowed to wear the colour green. I am wondering if maybe all the yoga mats are green and for that reason Bikram does not want people blending in with their mats? That is a reasonable explanation for that rule (yes it’s actually one of the teacher training rules, NO GREEN). If anyone out there knows the reason for this, please, please, enlighten me.

Another, reputable and well organized, un-cultish hot yoga teacher training program is Moksha (Moda) yoga. They have a 200 hour – 1 month intensive program costing around $4500.00 (Can) followed by 11 months of part-time training completed at one of their franchised locations. This does not include travel and accommodation costs for the intensive portion which is offered in a variety of different destinations each year. For a one year program this seems like a very fair tuition. There is a complete description and breakdown of hours assigned to each category of study on the Moksha website. They do not have a moratorium on the colour green, although polka dots worn with plaids are frowned upon.

There are numerous other chain yoga studios offering hot yoga teacher training as an add on to the basic 200 hour program and some of them will require you to take their training (at your own cost) as a condition of contracting you to teach their hot yoga classes. YYoga for example offers a 70 hour hot teacher training for $1100.00. You would first need the basic program as a pre-requisite before you take the specialty module.

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